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Ariamatic 240 Super

The TSM ARIAMATIC 240 is the revolutionary urban vacuum cleaner autonomous driven aimed for the cleaning and the maintenance of the urban city centers.


This fully electric litter vacuum cleaner has been developed with the 4th industrial revolution perspective, and is the first and only in the professional cleaning scenario. Thanks to the cutting-edge innovative Follow Me system-mounted, the TSM ARIAMATIC it’s able to recognize the operator and to follow his movements even in a crowded city context. The undoubted advantage for the user is to work in full autonomy and with absolute freedom in movement, passing quickly from an ordinary manual drive into the autonomous one. The TSM ARIAMATIC 240 is the game changer.

The safety devices mounted on the machine detect obstacles and people, ensuring total safety not only of the operator but of the environment in which it is used also.

The electric municipal vacuum TSM ARIAMATIC 240 respects the environment and considers as well the needs of the operator: frees himself from the management of the machine's traction, thus being able to move in complete agility between obstacles, making more ergonomic, less burdensome and more efficient dirt collection activities.

The Super version is characterized by the first automatic filter cleaning system installed on board so that the operator can perform cleaning activities without worrying to manually keep the filter cleaned from the dust. In this way the time to the maintenance of the filter is reduced, guaranteeing a constant collection efficiency.

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